Airbus Helicopters delivers nearly 500 helicopters

Eurocopter closed out a 20-year history with increased deliveries of 497 helicopters in 2013. Renamed Airbus Helicopters, the company opened 2014 with the certification of its new EC175 and the implementation of transformation plan.

Eurocopter PK Paris 2014

Guillaume Faury, Präsident von Airbus Helicopters, hat dem Unternehmen einen Transformationsprozess verordnet (Foto: Airbus Helicopters).  


In 2013, Airbus Helicopters delivered nearly one out of two civil rotorcraft provided worldwide. Civil helicopter activities represented 55 percent of the company’s turnover; military activities accounted for the other 45 percent. Product turnover was 58 percent of the total, with services accounting for 42 percent. 72 percent of deliveries were to customers outside of Airbus Helicopters’ home countries (France, Germany and Spain).

Airbus Helicopters took 422-helicopter orders, down from last year. This figure included 211 of the EC120/Ecureuil/Fennec/EC130 family, 61 EC135s, 61 EC145 (down from 81), 33 Super Puma/Cougar/EC225/EC725 family, 17 Dauphin/Panther/EC155 family, only 5 EC175 and 34 NH90 for France.

“We enter 2014 with a transformation plan that is being applied across the company and responds to customers’ evolving expectations,” explained Airbus Helicopters President Guillaume Faury at the traditional New Years press conference in Paris.

A key focus of the transformation plan will ensure product maturity. Quality is an essential element in Airbus Helicopters’ transformation, involving the implementation of standard processes and tools, along with a further drive to deploy lean cultural change.

Competitiveness improvements resulting from the company’s transformation plan will capitalize on the “favorite mission configuration” concept for Airbus Helicopters’ products that reduces lead-times and improves cost-effectiveness.

Airbus Helicopters’ highlights for the coming 12 months include the delivery start-up of its new EC175, which successfully completed the certification process yesterday – to be followed by the type certificate’s issuance within the next several days, the company claims.

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