Austrian optimises its network for the winter season

Austrian Airlines is optimising its flight network, with the changes to take effect from the beginning of the winter schedule on 31 October 2010. The most important change will see Austrian Airlines increase the number of so-called ‘waves’ per day.

A wave, or traffic hub, is a time window when the timing of numerous arrivals and departures at an airport is harmonised so well that passengers are offered the highest possible number of connection opportunities.

Austrian Airlines is now increasing the number of waves provided at its Vienna hub from six to seven a day. By doing this, the carrier will produce a range of different effects:
# The number of possible connections – a connection from Paris to Moscow via Vienna, for example, or a journey from Zagreb to Dusseldorf via Vienna – will rise by 300 a week. Austrian Airlines currently offers 20,000 of these connections. This figure will rise to 20,300 from 31 October onwards.
# Connection quality will improve in general, but first and foremost for journeys heading from Western Europe in the direction of Eastern Europe.
# The seventh wave creates greater flexibility for further expansion of the Austrian flight schedule. It creates the space needed to support growth in 2011.
# The new network structure enables Austrian Airlines to deploy its aircraft more efficiently. There will be fewer stand times. Productivity increases.

By optimising its network in the 2010/2011 Winter Schedule, Austrian Airlines is taking the second step in the implementation of its new market strategy, “Austrian Next Generation”. Austrian took the first step in this process in spring 2010, when it began deploying larger aircraft, increasing its flights on routes with high passenger volume, and offering attractive prices.

The Members of the Austrian Airlines Executive Board, Andreas Bierwirth and Peter Malanik, said the following: “Our new, active market strategy is taking effect. We are using focussed measures to improve our product range, which is enabling us to win back both customers and market share. The new network design means we are offering our customers the next argument for flying with us.”

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