Citationjet relaunched as „CiationAir by Cessna“CitationShares relaunched as „CitationAir by Cessna“

CitationAir by Cessna, formerly CitationShares, revealed its newly evolved business model, branding and value proposition today, after a decade of expanding its range of services beyond the fractional share ownership model.

The new positioning and evolved business model reflect the changing needs of private aviation customers and strengthen the alignment with Cessna, one of the most iconic names in private aviation that holds majority ownership and control over CitationAir.

“This change is necessary because our customers have evolved, and so must we,” said Steve O’Neill, the company’s CEO. “The private jet industry is facing enormous pressures right now, and in order to thrive, we must ensure our business model remains viable and our sales and marketing efforts are leveraging all of our points of difference.

CitationAir’s unique selling and operational models successfully overcome the flaws inherent in traditional fractional models by reducing high capital costs and outside charter, addressing the lack of differentiated pricing for peak travel, and mitigating the liquidity issues caused by share buy-backs.  The result is a robust product portfolio, supported by one operational platform, serviced through a single relationship with one company.

To simplify the company’s offerings for customers, the new branding is designed to unify all of the company’s products and services under a single brand: CitationAir. The new lineup will now include the company name with each product: CitationAir Jet Card, CitationAir Jet Shares, CitationAir Jet Management, and CitationAir Corporate Solutions. Additionally, CitationAir introduced a new tagline - “Where You Belong” – driven largely from the feeling customers said they experienced when flying with the company.

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