EADS revenues and net income grows in 2012EADS revenues and net income grow in 2012

EADS says it achieved strong revenue and underlying profit growth for the full year 2012. Despite a difficult macro-economic environment, EADS saw continued momentum in its commercial activities while defence revenues were broadly stable.

The order intake totalled € 102.5 billion in 2012 while EADS’ order book increased in value to € 566.5 billion at the end of the year. Revenues amounted to € 56.5 billion. The EBIT before one-off of around € 3.0 billion reflected the strong operational performance at Airbus Commercial with positive contributions from Eurocopter and Astrium.

“EADS achieved double-digit revenue and profit growth during 2012 while the order backlog increased further,” said EADS CEO Tom Enders. “A strong focus on deliveries helped to significantly improve cash generation during the fourth quarter. Going-forward, the focus on bottom line growth remains our priority number one as a management team. And there’s still some way to go to meet our profitability targets. If anything, the new governance, the new shareholder structure and the new Board as of end March will further energize the company and its employees on their successful international growth path.”

For the full year 2012, EADS’ revenues increased by 15 percent to € 56.5 billion (FY 2011: € 49.1 billion). This was driven mainly by higher volume and more favourable U.S. dollar rates at Airbus Commercial as well as solid increases at Eurocopter and Astrium.

Revenues at Eurocopter and Astrium were boosted by the services businesses, including Vector Aerospace and Vizada. The companies acquired in 2011 contributed around € 1.5 billion to the 2012 revenues. Despite the overall defence environment, defence revenues were flat compared to 2011.

Physical deliveries remained strong with a record 588 aircraft for Airbus Commercial, 29 aircraft for Airbus Military, 475 helicopters at Eurocopter and the 53rd consecutive successful Ariane 5 launch.

EADS’ reported EBIT* increased to € 2,186 million (FY 2011: € 1,696 million) with one-off charges totalling € 820 million booked during the year.

Of these total one-off charges, € 522 million were booked at Airbus during 2012, including the anticipated € 251 million on the A380 related to the wing rib feet repair. The A350 XWB charge of € 124 million to reflect the latest programme update is unchanged since H1 2012. Good progress is being made on the A350 XWB programme but it remains challenging and there is no room left in the schedule.

Also included are the € 76 million charges related to the Hawker Beechcraft Programme closure booked in the third quarter and a € 71 million charge for the foreign exchange impact on pre-delivery payments mismatch and balance sheet revaluation. At Eurocopter, the on-going renegotiation of certain contracts for governmental customers resulted in a € 100 million charge in the fourth quarter.

At Cassidian, a total of € 198 million of charges were booked in the final quarter to reflect restructuring costs in line with the business transformation (€ 98 million) and a charge related to portfolio de-risking (€ 100 million), in particular for the secure systems and solutions business.

Net Income increased by 19 percent to € 1,228 million (FY 2011: € 1,033 million), or earnings per share of € 1.50 (earnings per share FY 2011: € 1.27). The Net Income before one-off(4) increased to € 1,838 million (FY 2011: € 1,132 million). These increases reflect the improvement in the underlying operating performance.

Self-financed Research & Development (R&D) expenses remained broadly stable at € 3,142 million (FY 2011: € 3,152 million), due to IAS38 capitalisation of € 366 million on the A350 XWB. The focus continues on major development programmes across the portfolio, in particular the A350 XWB and at Eurocopter.

EADS’ Net Cash position increased to a solid € 12.3 billion (year-end 2011: € 11.7 billion) after a cash contribution of € 856 million to pension assets and the dividend payment of about € 370 million.

As the basis for its 2013 guidance, EADS expects the world economy and air traffic to grow in line with prevailing independent forecasts and assumes no major disruption due to the current sovereign debt crisis.

In 2013, gross commercial aircraft orders should be above the number of deliveries, in the range of 700 aircraft. Airbus deliveries should continue to grow to between 600 and 610 commercial aircraft. Due to lower A380 deliveries and assuming an exchange rate of € 1 = $ 1.35, EADS revenues should see moderate growth in 2013.

Airbus’ consolidated revenues increased by 17 percent to € 38,592 million (FY 2011: € 33,103 million), reflecting strong commercial aircraft deliveries. The Airbus consolidated EBIT more than doubled to € 1,230 million (FY 2011: € 584 million).

During 2012, Airbus Commercial registered 914 gross orders (FY 2011: 1,608 gross orders). Net orders totalled 833 (FY 2011: 1,419). These net orders comprised 739 A320 Family aircraft (ceo and neo), 85 A330/A350XWBs and nine A380s.

The A350 XWB development remains on track, based on the revised schedule, with the final assembly line fully operational. The structural assembly of the first flyable plane, 'MSN1', was completed and 'electrical power on' accomplished. Another milestone was achieved in February 2013 with the award of the European Aviation Safety Agency’s Engine Type Certification for the Trent XWB turbofan.

Airbus Military achieved 32 aircraft orders (FY 2011: 5 orders) and delivered 29 aircraft (FY 2011: 29 deliveries), comprising 20 light and medium military transporters, five A330 MRTTs and four P-3 conversions. With 300 hours of Function and Reliability testing completed, civil and military certification for the A400M is expected in Q1 2013 with the first delivery due in Q2 2013 and four deliveries expected this year.

Revenues at Eurocopter increased 16 percent to a record € 6,264 million (FY 2011: € 5,415 million), driven mainly by higher repair and overhaul support activities and the full year inclusion of the Vector Aerospace business consolidation. Higher NH90 and Super Puma revenues also contributed to the overall increase. Total deliveries declined to 475 helicopters (FY 2011: 503 helicopters), in particular for the EC135 and Ecureuil models.

Eurocopter’s order intake for 2012 rose 15 percent to € 5,392 million (FY 2011: € 4,679 million) with the number of net bookings rising for the third consecutive year to 469 (FY 2011: 457). Orders of the Ecureuil/Fennec/EC130 and EC135/ EC145 families were particularly strong.

Astrium revenues in 2012 increased to € 5,817 million (FY 2011: € 4,964 million) driven mainly by growth in services including the Vizada integration and strong programme execution. EBIT increased by 17 percent to € 312 million (FY 2011: € 267 million).

Astrium is seeing efficiency and productivity gains coming through the operational performance as a result of the AGILE transformation programme. However, higher investment in R&D and globalisation efforts as well as some Vizada integration costs weighed on the operating margin in 2012.

In November, the European Space Agency’s Ministerial Council broadly confirmed European space budgets related to key programmes of Astrium. This resulted in initial contracts worth € 108 million received in January 2013 to secure the development of Ariane 6 and Ariane 5 ME.

Cassidian revenues in 2012 were broadly stable as expected at € 5,740 million (FY 2011: € 5,803 million). EBIT in 2012 fell to € 142 million (FY 2011: € 331 million) reflecting the € 198 million of one-off charges booked in the fourth quarter. On an underlying basis, the EBIT before one-off was lower as expected due to investments in globalisation and transformation despite lower R&D expenses.

Cassidian’s order intake rose significantly to € 5.0 billion in 2012 (FY 2011: € 4.2 billion) despite the challenging market environment. This was driven mainly by the Eurofighter and missile export business. In December, Oman signed a contract for the purchase of 12 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft which is yet to be included in the order book.

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