EADS turnover slightly down to 41,7 billion Euros

In its New Year press conference at Sevilla, EADS gave an overview of its 2009 business results and an outlook on 2010.

In 2009, EADS demonstrated resilience in a difficult market environment: estimated sales for 2009 amount to € 41.7 billion, the company said. “Clearly, 2009 was not an easy year. But thanks to a broad portfolio, increasing defence and institutional business and a solid net cash position, we have protected our capacity to grow and innovate,” said Louis Gallois.

“Now we have to clear the uncertainty over the A400M programme. With the Nations, we need to solve the issue no later than end of January. It is our common interest to secure the future of an aircraft which is already flying and which represents an outstanding potential for Europe in terms of technology and operational capacities”, Gallois said regarding the most troublesome programme today.

Astrium achieved strong growth in 2009 thanks to a number of important contract wins and deliveries. Highlights include a € 4 billion order from Arianespace to produce 35 Ariane 5 PB launchers, a € 500 million contract from SES ASTRA for four multi-purpose telecommunication satellites, and various contract wins for Earth Observation (EO) satellites. Ariane 5 completed seven launches in 2009, confirming its position as the world’s most reliable space launcher with 35 successful launches in a row.

Revenues at Defence & Security (DS) remained roughly stable in 2009. The Division was able to secure contracts of strategic relevance. The Eurofighter partner nations awarded the Tranche 3a contract for 112 aircraft.

Helicopter deliveries at Eurocopter in 2009 were overall solid and almost at 2008 peak level. While the defence and governmental business continued to be strong, Eurocopter’s commercial business witnessed a significant slowdown in orders. At the end of 2009, Eurocopter's order backlog stood at around 1,300 helicopters.

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