2007-09-23 - EU Galileo financingEU proposes new financing for Galileo

Europäisches Satellitennavigationssystem soll von EU finanziert werden<br /> The EU Commission has adopted a proposal on how to finance the extra EUR 2.4 billion for Galileo and the EUR 309 million for the European Institute of Technology (EIT) through a revision of the Financial Framework 2007-2013.

The balanced proposal does not require augmenting the total commitment appropriations as funding can be found in the margins of different headings available in 2007 and in 2008 and through re-profiling research funding already foreseen for Galileo. The Commission has analysed different financing options for Galileo and EIT and come to the conclusion that the most effective solution is to propose a revision of the Multi-Annual Financial Framework 2007-2013 (MAFF) using provisions of the Inter-Institutional Agreement on budgetary discipline and sound financial management (IIA) of 17 May 2006, without any increase of the overall ceiling. Of the amount required, EUR 220 million will be transferred from the margin available in 2007 and 2008 under the heading "Administration", which covers the running costs of the European institutions; EUR 2.189 billion will be transferred from the margin available in 2007 and 2008 under heading 2 "Preservation and Management of Natural Resources" which won't be needed and which leave anyway a margin of EUR 2 billion under the ceiling in 2008; EUR 0.3 billion which are available within the transport related research programmes dedicated to Galileo under the 7th Research Framework Programme.  

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