Eurocopter’s last new BO105 LS takes to the sky

Eurocopter officially ended the successful BO105 program with the historical delivery of the last new BO105 LS to Mr. Duncan Wassick, President and CEO of Dam Helicopters Inc.

“The delivery of this helicopter to Dam Helicopters is of significant importance to our company; it is the last delivery of a new BO105 LS”, said Marie-Agnès Vève, president and CEO of Eurocopter Canada. “This aircraft, for which Canada holds the type certificate, is from one of the most successful light twin engine helicopter programs of all times and we are proud to have the last of this aircraft type delivered to a Canadian customer”.

Initially developed in the mid-1960s by Bölkow Engineering of Ottobrunn near Munich, Germany, the BO105, a light twin engine, multi-purpose utility helicopter, performed its maiden flight in 1967 and was granted Canadian certification in 1973. Production began under Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB), which later became a part of Eurocopter. Eurocopter continued to produce the BO105 until 2001. The powerful LS model was introduced to the market in 1984 and received Canadian certification in 1987.

Today, 1008 BO105’s (44 BO105 LS) are still in service and have accumulated over 7,067,955 flying hours (204,439 for the LS variant). A total of 1,407 BO105’s have been built and delivered to 190 customers in 52 countries, making this program a remarkable success story.

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