Eurofighter starts flights tests with Storm Shadow

Alenia Aermacchi has started flight tests to integrate the MBDA Storm Shadow missile onto Eurofighter Typhoon. The trials began on 27th November at Decimomannu Air Base in Sardinia.

Eurofighter Storm Shadow Flug 2013

Am 27. November 2013 begann Alenia Aermacchi mit der Flugerprobung des Storm Shadow unter dem Eurofighter (Foto: Alenia Aermacchi/ Caliaro).  


The intensive flight test programme  began with flutter tests and an air data system large store interference assessment, using Instrumented Production Aircraft 2 (IPA2) updated to the Phase 1 Enhancement standard.

The Chief Executive Officer of Eurofighter GmbH, Alberto Gutierrez, said: “The successful start of the flight tests is good news for our programme. This is one of a number of enhancements that are coming on stream…. Storm Shadow is a major step forward significantly increasing the air-to-ground capabilities of the Eurofighter Typhoon.”

The Storm Shadow, already in service with the Italian Air Force and Royal Air Force Tornados, is a conventionally armed, stealthy, long-range stand-off precision weapon designed to neutralise high value targets. The new weapons systems will add the capability to strike in day or night in all-weather conditions, well-defended infrastructure targets such as port facilities, control centres, bunkers, missile sites, airfields and bridges that would otherwise require several aircraft and missions.

Powered by a turbo-jet engine, with a range in excess of 250 km, the Storm Shadow missile weighs approximately 1.300kg and is just over 5 metres long. It will be available to operators from 2015 when the Eurofighter Typhoon Phase 2 Enhancements become operational.

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