Lufthansa to introduce A380 in May

Up to now it has been a closely guarded secret, but with the completion of the painting of the first Lufthansa Airbus A380 on Friday it can now be revealed that the aircraft bears the name “Frankfurt am Main”.

Lufthansa A380 Frankfurt 1

Der erste Airbus A380 für Lufthansa "D-AIMA" trägt den Namen Frankfurt/Main. Foto und Copyright: Airbus / Lufthansa Media  


Lufthansa’s second A380, which arrived at the Airbus facility in Hamburg-Finkenwerder on Wednesday afternoon (3 February), will be named “München”. “We are looking forward to accepting delivery of our new flagship, which will open up an entirely new dimension in air travel for our passengers,” says Karl Ulrich Garnadt, a member of the Lufthansa German Airlines Board. “The choice of names underlines the central importance of our two major hubs.“

In May, the Airbus with the registration D-AIMA will land for the first time in Frankfurt, its namesake city on the River Main, before entering scheduled service with Lufthansa, mainly on routes to Asia and North America.

A competition to find a catchy nickname for the Airbus A380 will be launched this coming Monday at lufthansa.com/a380 under the motto “Be part of it”. Entrants stand a chance of becoming a millionaire as the winner will receive one million Miles&More award miles. Visitors to the website also have access to exclusive films, photos and reportages that offer fas-cinating insights into a wide range of topics relating to the A380.

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