Meaulte makes first composite panel for Airbus A350 XWB

Aerolia at Meaulte is reaching milestones in its contributions to the A350 XWE programme.

A team of 15 Aerolia engineers, technicians and workers is working at Nantes where, alongside Airbus teams, they have just produced the first all composite panel for the A350XWB. Presented on 7 July, this composite panel has a thickness varying from 2 to 5 mm, with a surface area of 12 m2, fitted with 14 stiffeners.

At Méaulte, the 1st A350XWB window frame was presented to our Airbus Customer on 7 July. A key part of aviation cockpits, the window frames are integrally machined to provide this exposed section of the aircraft with the required stiffness.

Three 5-axis machines controlled by CATIA, produce these frames automatically in compliance with quality and weight requirements. Machined from an aluminium blank weighing 1.5 tonnes, the A350XWB window frame is machined down to 27 kg for a thickness of 22 cm, a length of 1 m 82 and a width of 1 m 36. All the cockpit window frames for all the aircraft of the different Airbus families are produced here at Méaulte.

On the Aerolia Saint-Nazaire site, the Systems Unit produces all the tubes & pipes for the whole A350XWB fuselage. Within the framework of this contract, won last year in a competition with ten other suppliers, the team has just delivered the first 130 pipes for the test benches of the cooling systems in the cockpit, and forward, centre and aft fuselage sections.

This industrial milestone will be followed by the manufacture and delivery to our Airbus Customer of hydraulic pipes for the Iron Bird (aircraft 0) between the end of October 2010 and the beginning of February 2011.

At Saint- Nazaire, the first A350XWB panel has been stretch formed. This panel is the 1st aluminium-lithium panel to be used on a commercial aircraft. It will be assembled on the fatigue test specimen of the future Airbus product.

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