2007-12-09 - SARLupe operationalSAR-Lupe operations started

Luftwaffe nimmt Radarsatelliten in Betrieb<br /> On 1 December, the German Federal Armed Forces officially took over the SAR-Lupe system for their reconnaissance activities.

With two radar satellites currently in fully functioning condition, the system will be placed in partial operation. The German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement BWB has performed extensive tests and confirmed that the two satellites are producing the required number of images in the necessary quality. "The images produced by the sensor and the SAR producer exhibit an unprecedented quality," says the project manager at the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement. As it is possible to prove that the specified image quality can be achieved within 24 hours, it is now possible for the SAR-Lupe system to commence its ten-year operating period. The third satellite is already in orbit and will be transmitting the first image data in mid-December. SAR-Lupe 4 is scheduled for launch on March 27, 2008, with the fifth and initially final satellite in the system to follow around five months later.

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