2008-03-02 - Schweizer S-434Schweizer launches S-434 helicopter

Neuer Turbinenhubschrauber von Schweizer vorgestellt<br /> Sikorsky subsidiary Schweizer Aircraft Corp., at Heli-Expo announced the launch of their new S-434 helicopter .

Now in development, the aircraft is the next iteration of the Schweizer model 333, incorporating many of the design and performance technologies developed on the Fire Scout VTUAV. "The S-434 helicopter introduces a whole new level of flight performance," said Paul Schweizer, President of Schweizer Aircraft. "With a four-bladed rotor system, increased power and a larger fuel tank, the S-434 helicopter will fly farther and faster while having a larger useful load than its predecessor." Position agreements for the S-434 helicopter will now be offered, Estill said. The model 333 operates throughout the world in many demanding missions including law enforcement patrol, commercial and military flight training, power line/pipeline patrol, personal use and lift operations. Inherited advantages of the 333 design ensure that benefits such as a cockpit layout with excellent visibility from all crew positions, superior flight handling characteristics and exceptional safety and crashworthiness features are retained. These benefits, combined with the ease of maintenance and reliability that are designed into every component, make the new S-434 helicopter an exception value single-turbine helicopter.

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