The Royal Air Force of Oman takes delivery of its first NH90

NHIndustries announced the delivery of the first batch of two NH90.multipurpose helicopters ordered by the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO).

The Certificate of Transfer of both helicopters occurred on June 23 on the Royal Air Force of Oman base of MUSANA after a very demanding 2 months evaluation period in severe operational conditions. This initial delivery which marks the first delivery of an NH90 in the middle east will be followed in July by the acceptance process of the second batch of NH90.

These helicopters are supported by an integrated NHI/ RAFO maintenance team who will operate for the 1st time in the NH90 world a specific maintenance tool: GLIMS (Ground Logistic Information Management System).

The RAFO have up to now ordered 20 NH90 TTH in order to replace its fleet of ageing AB205A/206/212/214. The NH90 TTH chosen by Oman is to date one of the most advanced and versatile version of the NH90. This NH90 fleet will cover a wide spectrum of missions from the VIP transport, to troop transport and Search and Rescue missions round the clock in the most demanding conditions.

A total of 529 firm orders have been placed by 19 armed forces in 14 countries including France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Greece, Spain and Belgium in Europe, as well as Australia, Oman and New Zealand overseas and 49 NH90 helicopters are in service today.

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