2008-04-20 - Pilatus Rekordergebnis2007 was another record year for Pilatus

Rekordergebnisse Schweizer Flugzeughersteller<br /> Pilatus Aircraft Ltd successfully maintained the upward trend of the past five years.

Once again, peak results were achieved: sales rose by 15 percent, the operating result by 11 percent, and the number of aircraft sold increased by 13 percent to 115. The record year 2006 was followed by a record 2007. Pilatus has been on a steep upward curve for five years. Pilatus Aircraft Ltd generated an operating result of CHF 59 million in the year under review. The Group's sales increased by CHF 84 million to CHF 656 million. The largest proportion of turnover (40.3 percent) was again generated in North and South America. Europe's share of turnover rose to 31.2 percent; in Asia, that figure increased from 9.2 to 19.2 percent. Australia contributed 5 percent and Africa 4.3 percent of turnover.  115 aircraft were sold in the year under review &#150; 13 more than the previous year. With 92, the PC-12 accounted for the largest number, followed by the trainer aircraft, with 17, and the Pilatus Porter PC-6, with six aircraft produced. The limiting factor was not sales, but production, particularly that of the PC-12, of which the number of deliveries increased by only two. The main reason for this was the high production capacity required by the launch of serial production of the PC-21 for the Swiss Air Force and the Republic of Singapore Air Force. <br>
Thanks to the successful sales of the PC-21 training system, the Government Aviation Business Unit was once again able to substantially increase its share of overall turnover in the year under review. Having contributed 19 percent towards Pilatus Aircraft Ltd's total sales in 2006, the business unit increased that figure to 32.1 percent in 2007. The PC-21 training system is more cost-effective as a whole than traditional pilot training, which requires several different aircraft types. With an order backlog worth CHF 923 million, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd started the year 2008 with the best prospects. Never before in the history of Pilatus have we been able to start a year with such a &#147;nest egg&#148;. However, not all the indicators are pointing upwards: fewer orders were received in 2007, and the collapse of the US dollar against the Swiss franc is causing serious problems with margins. And after all, the positive economic situation that lent the year under review added lustre is not a permanent fixture. Pilatus can look on the current year with confidence, because there is much to indicate that further successes are in store.<br>

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