AEROLIA chooses ThyssenKrupp Aerospace

AEROLIA announced that it has signed a 5 year agreement with ThyssenKrupp Aerospace to manage material procurement, processing and supply which will both reduce AEROLIA`s overall costs and improve the efficiency of their materials supply chain.

As part of the agreement, ThyssenKrupp Aerospace, which already has 35 locations in 15 countries worldwide, will invest in a new facility at Albert in Picardie and will invest in inventories, warehousing and equipment elsewhere. This network will provide a responsive service to AEROLIA`s operations in St Nazaire, Meaulte and Tunisia and to a wide range of their subcontractors throughout France and in other countries.

Overall ThyssenKrupp Aerospace will manage the metallic supply chain for AEROLIA including the storage, processing and supply of up to 10,000 tonnes of aluminium per year.

In announcing the deal Raphael Duflos, VP Procurement of AEROLIA said "This agreement is a major step forward. It will enable us to focus on our core business and assist the implementation of our strategy of becoming an independant business. The cash it will generate will enable us to invest in new technologies which will enable us to achieve world class status."

FLUG REVUE 07/2018


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