airberlin continues turnaround drive

Today airberlin began to implement its "Turbine" turnaround programme, which will lead to 900 job losses.

The two-year programme is a comprehensive scheme to ensure that Germany's second largest airline focuses on its key markets on the basis of a stringent business model. The airline will be expediting the optimisation of its network, fleet and timetables already under way, improve its offering, sales and customer orientation and slim down its administration and working processes as well.

"Turbine" has defined initiatives of around 400 million euros by the end of 2014 to achieve a lastingly competitive result.

The programme covers all areas of operation and relationships with business partners as well. It also involves cutting about 900 jobs in which the possibility of redundancies cannot be excluded.

Efficient operations, greater cost-efficiency and an attractive, intelligent offering are designed to make airberlin profitable and achieve a sustainable future. That is why the company will continually improve its integrated business model for serving leisure and business customers.

The entire change process instituted by "Turbine" will develop the company on the basis of "Lean & Smart" criteria. In this context "Lean" signifies the simplest and most cost-efficient organisation possible in conjunction with streamlined processes. "Smart" shifts the focus onto core markets and partnerships as well as towards integrated, intelligent and innovative customer orientation offering "that little bit extra".

Meetings with staff representatives to discuss the turnaround programme and the planned personnel measures have already begun. airberlin's management will be implementing "Turbine" in conjunction with employees and on the basis of a constructive dialogue with the employee representatives and will be giving these discussions top priority over the next few months.

The elements that make up "Turbine" include network and fleet optimisations that have already been initiated, concentrating on profitable routes and increasing flight frequencies in key markets. These measures are specifically designed to strengthen airberlin's position in its core market, for example, the D/A/CH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

There will be even more flights to Palma de Mallorca. The hubs in Berlin and Dusseldorf with their long-haul services are to be expanded. The airports in Vienna, Hamburg, Munich, Zurich and Stuttgart will retain their function as principal stations within the airberlin route network.

Reducing the fleet to 142 aircraft in the current year, with six earmarked as operational reserves, and optimising the network go hand in hand with further fleet harmonisation, stationing concentration and simpler rotation.

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