2007-12-23 - AlitaliaAlitalia accepts Air France-KLM offer

Air France-KLM bevorzugte Bieter für Alitalia<br /> The Board of Directors of Alitalia resolved unanimously in favour of Air France-KLM non binding proposal considering it as the one that offers to the Company, given its current critical financial condition, and having also considered the implementation of the Transition/Survival Plan, the appropriate solution to preserve the Company's assets and to promote its quick and permanent restructuring, thanks to the benefit of synergies arising from the integration in a major international group of the airline industry<br /> In its non-binding proposal Air France-KLM requires the full support of the Italian Government and the availability by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to sell its stake.

Consequently, the Board of Directors resolved to send a communication to the Ministry of Economy and Finance requesting the Ministry to express its opinion regarding the Air France- KLM non binding proposal within a timeframe substantially in line with the one indicated by the Government in its press release of the 20th December 2007, in light of the critical financial conditions of the Company and of a macro scenario increasingly challenging. ?In light of the above, the Board of Directors mandated its Chairman to define the terms of the exclusive negotiation to be started with Air France-KLM.
The business plan presented by Air France-KLM has been considered highly credible and appropriate to address the strategic, industrial and financial issues of Alitalia, having also considered the competitive environment in which the Company operates. The Air France-KLM proposal would generate significant synergies in favour of Alitalia, and would set the basis for a successful and sustainable relaunch of the Company in the long term, ensuring improvements in the quality of services to the customers and of the operating performances.
Air France-KLM explicitly states in its non binding proposal its willingness to undertake commitments towards the Italian State concerning: a) the safeguard and value enhancing of Alitalia's brand, logo, and livery with an equal standing to the two other companies of the group, b) the preservation of an adequate coverage of the Italian market and an appropriate level of service offered at national, international and intercontinental levels alike.
With respect to the economic amounts offered the Air France-KLM proposal is the most favourable and envisages a significant investment plan (6.5 billion euros in the long term) that includes among other things the long and short-medium haul fleet renewals and major upgrades in cabin layouts and in-flight services.

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