Arianespace's initial Soyuz mission is being readied for an October liftoff at Baikonur

Preparations are underway for a milestone Soyuz flight during which Arianespace is to orbit the first six Globalstar second-generation communications satellites from Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome in October.

The launch campaign for this mission began on August 11 with arrival of its initial three Globalstar satellites at the Cosmodrome, and has progressed as these spacecraft undergo their checkout in clean rooms that are dedicated to commercial Soyuz missions.

All three of the second-generation Globalstar spacecraft began their preparations in the Cosmodrome's Payload Processing Facility, which included electrical testing and radio frequency verifications. The first of them was transferred to the Hazardous Processing Facility for the loading of its propellant today, which will be followed by this satellite's integration on a conical-shaped dispenser system that ultimately will carry all six of the mission's payloads.

Arianespace has been contracted to perform four Soyuz launches carrying six satellites each, further building Globalstar's constellation with these 24 second-generation spacecraft. Their deployment will secure the company's space segment beyond 2025, ensuring continuity for its mobile satellite voice and data services that are provided to businesses, governments and consumers.

FLUG REVUE 06/2018


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