2007-07-15 - Austria EurofighterAustria gets first Eurofighter

Österreich reduziert Bestellung auf 15 Flugzeuge<br /> On 12 June, the first Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft, AS001, was delivered to Austria. The aircraft piloted by EADS Military Air Systems Test Pilot Martin Angerer had successfully deployed to its new home base at Zeltweg, Austria.

Aloysius Rauen, CEO Eurofighter GmbH, commented: "The Eurofighter consortium is extremely pleased at having delivered the first of 15 aircraft for Austria and is looking forward to delivering according to schedule over the next two years. The consortium is convinced that the Austrian Air Force now has the best equipment available worldwide to safeguard the Nation's airspace. Air Forces in five Nations now operate the Eurofighter Typhoon, confirming the Market Leader position of the Eurofighter programme."
Austria will receive 15 aircraft. The first flight of AS002 took place at EADS Military Air Systems at Manching on 09 July 2007, while aircraft AS003 through AS006 are in the final assembly procedure at EADS in Manching.
At the end of June, the Eurofighter consortium had reached agreement with the Government of Austria on cost reductions of the Eurofighter procurement. The consortium thus reacts towards the political development in Austria to secure the programme in the long term and at a very advanced stage. The agreement covers: delivery of 15 aircraft with latest capability standard of Tranche 1; equipment standard strictly meeting the requirement for air surveillance; a price reduction on the negotiated In-service Support Contract that has not been signed yet. Adapting the contractual contents leads to a EUR 370 million reduction of total contract value. The contents of the agreement will be integrated into the procurement contract; earlier versions will be invalid.

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