Austrian Airlines retires 737 fleet

Austrian Airlines is streamlining its fleet of aircraft. Letters of intent for five of the planned seven Airbus A320s have been signed.

Within the context of a technical contract two aircraft were flown to Vienna on July 10, 2012. The two aircraft have already been registered in Austria and have been given the OE-LBW and OE-LBX registrations respectively. Discussions on the incorporation of two further Airbus A320s are currently being held. A decision is expected within the next few weeks.

The measure constitutes a key component of the package of reforms being undertaken by Austrian Airlines. Having a homogenous fleet of mid-range aircraft in the future will lead to savings in operating costs (no costs resulting from redundant maintenance and spare parts, a single training program for pilots). This will enable the more productive deployment of aircraft in route planning.

Prior to their initial flights for Austrian, the aircraft are to undergo a “transition check” by Austrian Technik. Once this has been completed, each of the airplanes will be outfitted with the same arrangement of 168 seats, and will be painted in Austrian’s typical design. Subsequent to that, the aircraft will be incorporated into regular flight operations. From today’s perspective, the first of these aircraft will take off for Austrian in October 2012.

A total of seven Airbus A320 will be incorporated into regular flight operations before summer flight schedule 2013. At the same time, the fleet of Boeing 737-800 will be removed from service.

The sale of four Boeing 737 has already been concluded together with transferring the aircraft to their new owner.

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