Boeing-Verlust+Jahresbilanz_20090128Boeing posts bad figures after fourth quarter strike

Verluste für Boeing +++ Boeing's fourth-quarter net income declined to a loss of $56 million, or $0.08 per share, reflecting the now-settled machinists' strike (EPS impact estimated at $1.09 per share), a charge related to the 747 ($0.61 per share) and a litigation-related reserve ($0.09 per share).

Revenues for the quarter declined 27 percent to $12.7 billion, due primarily to the effects of the strike which reduced commercial airplane deliveries by approximately 70 units and revenues by an estimated $4.3 billion.
For the full year of 2008, net income fell 34 percent to $2.7 billion, EPS was $3.71 per share, and revenue fell 8 percent to $60.9 billion. Full-year results were impacted by the strike, the 747 charge, the litigation-related reserve, and higher costs for AEW&C announced in the second quarter, which together reduced full-year EPS by an estimated $2.56 per share. This was partially offset by lower pension and deferred compensation expenses.
"The progress we made in many areas of Boeing during 2008 was outweighed by the impact of the strike and our performance on some key development programs," said Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer Jim McNerney. "Our imperative going forward is improving execution where it needs to be improved, maintaining strong performance across all our production programs, and preserving our financial strength to grow in these challenging economic times."
Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) fourth-quarter revenues were $4.6 billion, 48 percent below the same period last year, driven by reduced deliveries due to the strike that affected production of all commercial airplane programs. Losses from operations totaled $968 million compared with earnings of $973 million in the year-ago period. The strike reduced fourth-quarter earnings by an estimated $1.2 billion, net of recovery of galley-delayed deliveries from the third quarter, while a charge for a reachforward loss on the 747 program reduced earnings by $685 million.
For the year, BCA revenues decreased 15 percent to $28.3 billion on an estimated 105 fewer airplane deliveries due to the strike. Operating earnings decreased 67 percent to $1.2 billion while margins were 4.2 percent, driven by the strike, infrastructure cost absorption and additional 747 program costs. The strike reduced full-year earnings by an estimated $1.8 billion.
For the year, IDS revenue held steady at $32.0 billion with operating margins of 10.1 percent due to solid performance across IDS, including a reduction of 0.8 points due to the second-quarter AEW&C charge.

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