Cassidian opens new avionics centre in Friedrichshafen

The new avionics centre at Cassidian's Friedrichshafen site in Immenstaad entered service today. In the modern building, the development and production departments of Cassidian's avionics section will now work directly alongside each other.

At the inauguration, Bernd Wenzler, CEO of Cassidian Electronics, spoke to customers and representatives of public life about the signal being sent out for the avionics section, which he said is being considerably strengthened with this new centre. “Avionics is an important mainstay for Cassidian with significant opportunities for growth,” stressed Wenzler.

Cassidian employs around 1,450 people in Immenstaad, 400 of them in the avionics sector. In addition to development and production, the employees are also responsible for project management and sales of avionics products. Examples of products include avionics systems for the A400M military transport aircraft, obstacle warning systems and radar altimeters for helicopters, digital map generators for aviation, radar electronics for satellites, and data and crash recorders for aircraft.

The new laboratory and integration area comprises 1,500 square metres, and is designed as a ‘clean room’ for technologically demanding work. A further 700 square metres of office space are reserved for the management of the avionics section, sales staff and the project management teams.

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