Cassidian re-shapes its organization to address new markets

Cassidian adapts its organization in order to create a further empowered and streamlined customer-oriented structure across the globe.

The new organization is based on two pillars: customer proximity and programme execution. In addition, a strong focus is set on cyber security. "The ultimate purpose of this new organization is to ensure that we are more responsive to our customers, both at home and worldwide and to continue improving our level of satisfaction, values and service", stated Stefan Zoller, CEO of Cassidian.

Cassidian reacts with the new structure to an increasingly dynamic market environment, to the European budget reductions and to the business perspectives in the emerging markets and their growing security needs. The new organization will enable Cassidian to increase its footprints across the globe, to capture new dynamic market segments such as cyber security, to improve efficiency and programme management and to gain more flexibility.

In the course of the Transformation no operational plants or parts of operational plants will be relocated. The Cassidian portfolio which comprises defence and security products, platforms, systems and services and the strategic business scope will be extended by cyber security.

FLUG REVUE 02/2018


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