Cassidian to deliver test system for Tiger helicopter maintenance

Cassidian has been awarded a contract from OCCAR Tiger Division to provide a turnkey test system to support the maintenance of opto-electronic equipment used on the German version of the Tiger helicopter.

The Test Instrumentation Gunner Sight System (TIGSS) is an advanced test system used to test the optronic and electronic equipment inside the observation and targeting sight which is fitted above the helicopter to enable it to identify hidden targets.

TIGSS is designed to be either installed in a workshop building or easily deployed in a tent-based workshop environment. Hence the optical and electrical test benches in the TIGSS concept are housed in ruggedised cases which enable them to be easily transported in standard industrial containers.

When handling sensitive optical equipment it is essential to use “cleanroom” conditions to ensure, via special doors and air conditioning systems, that the workshop atmosphere does not contain any dust particles which could impair the correct functioning of the equipment.

As part of this project Cassidian will also supply the deployable cleanroom workshop which will enable TIGSS to be used in locations where a stationary cleanroom is not available. This tentbased solution is based on technology already used in medical care and disaster relief systems provided by Cassidian.

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FLUG REVUE 03/2018


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- A380 gerettet
- PC-24 zugelassen
- Wüstenparkplätze für alte Jets
- Navy-Teststaffel "Dust Devils"
- Hubschrauber-Triebwerke
- BER weiter verzögert