Cassidian to showcase defence and security solutions at MAKS 2013 in Moscow

At MAKS 2013, the defence division of EADS mainly focuses on optronic solutions for military aviation purposes and radar systems for border and infrastructure surveillance.

Among Cassidian's exhibits at the EADS booth, Hall F3 - Stand A1, and in the Chalet 5G-3 is the missile warning system MILDS AN/AAR-60. It especially fits the requirements for self-defence of helicopters and wide-body aircraft in order to counter the increasing threat by IR-guided missiles. It detects incoming missile threats and indicates the direction of arrival at maximum warning time.

The Advanced Laser Threat Alerting System (ALTAS) detects laser range finders, laser target designators and, with the additional beamrider channel of ALTAS-2QB, also solid state beamrider sources. The system delivers all parameters required to initiate relevant countermeasures. ALTAS can be easily integrated into higher level electronic warfare suites using standard interfaces. It permits easy installation and integration on all airborne military platforms.

The ARGOS-II Airborne Observation System enables helicopters to pinpoint and observe troop movements. Moving targets can be tracked reliably for fire control systems and precise target coordinates can be sent to other units. The robust observation equipment defies inclement weather, wildly fluctuating temperatures, sandstorms and frosty nights.
The SferiSense helicopter laser radar system is designed for use in helicopters. The laser-based, electro-optical system reliably detects obstacles in the flight path such as very thin cables, even when they are difficult for the pilot to see. It projects the image of the surrounding landscape onto the helmet visor.

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