Encore+Citation Encore+ deliveries started

Cessna Aircraft delivered the first Citation Encore+ to an undisclosed customer. The seven- to eleven-passenger Encore+ succeeds the Encore, offering FADEC (Full Authority Digital Electronic Control) equipped engines, increased payload capability, a new integrated avionics suite, more standard equipment, and new interior styling features.

An increase in the gross weight resulted in a full-fuel payload of 1,170 pounds, 340 pounds more than the original Encore. This enhancement in the Encore+ also increases the range significantly with higher passenger loads. The integrated Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite supplies the Encore+ with many of the same features as the Citation CJ3 and CJ1+ and CJ2+. The heart of the integration resides in the File Server Unit (FSU) serving as a portal to display electronic charting, graphical weather, and enhanced mapping in the cockpit.
Cessna achieved Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) type certification (TC) for the Encore+ on December 21, 2006, meeting its Q4 timeline goal. Takeoff distance was certified as 3,520 feet, time to climb to 45,000 feet as 27 minutes, range (with NBAA IFR reserves) as 1,780 nautical miles, and maximum true airspeed as 428 knots (nearly 500 miles per hour).

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