2008-02-10 - Clean SkyClean Sky research programme takes off at launch forum

EU-Forschungsprogramm gestartet<br /> A new generation of greener, more environmentally efficient aircraft moved a step closer with the official launch of the Clean Sky JTI research programme, in Brussels.

The Clean Sky TAKE-OFF Forum formally instigated this EU wide collaborative private-public partnership, which encourages the full participation of SMEs, universities and research centres as well as leading aeronautics manufacturers, in the Clean Sky programme. Clean Sky is one of Europe's largest research programmes, with a budget of €1.6 billion. It represents a joint commitment from the European Union and aeronautics industry to make air travel more sustainable, by encouraging the aeronautics manufacturers to develop and produce greener products.
At the Forum the European Commission and the aeronautics industry outlined how Clean Sky will develop a series of breakthrough technologies to reduce significantly the environmental impact of air transport.
European Science and Research Commissioner Janez Potoènik, ASD President Åke Svensson and Marc Ventre, Chairman of the Clean Sky Provisional Executive Committee (PEC) all stressed the importance of the Clean Sky JTI in terms of meeting the EC's environmental commitments, as well as conducting research leading to innovative technologies which will improve the environmental performance of the next generation of aircraft.
Commissioner Janez Potoènik said: "The challenges that stand before us today, such as boosting international competitiveness and tackling climate change, are common to all European countries, and research is a major part of the answer. We stand a better chance to making a difference if we work together. This is the basic logic behind the Clean Sky JTI and I am delighted that it is now underway and ready to start its work."
Åke Svensson ASD President and CEO of SAAB welcomed the formal launch of Clean Sky noting: "Clean Sky will address two simple questions. How we fly and what we fly. The Carbon footprint aviation leaves behind is seen as not being acceptable and Clean Sky is an excellent way of addressing the challenges we face in developing more sustainable aviation."

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