2008-09-29 - DayJet foldsDayJet discontinues passenger operations

Chartergesellschaft stellt Betrieb ein<br /> DayJet Services, LLC, the world's first operator of "Per-Seat, On-Demand" jet service, announced that it has ceased jet services, pending further notice. The company eliminated most employee positions.

With the discontinuation of jet services and cancellation of all flights, DayJet is unable to honor any customer reservations. This shutdown is a direct consequence of the company's inability to arrange critical financing in the midst of the current global financial crisis. The company's operations have also suffered as a result of Eclipse Aviation's failure to install missing equipment or functionality or repair agreed technical discrepancies in accordance with the terms of DayJet's aircraft purchase contract.
"We deeply regret the disruption and hardship to customers, suppliers and employees caused by this unexpected shutdown of commercial operations," said DayJet founder Ed Iacobucci. "Twelve months ago our team launched a new regional transportation model. During the past year, we have demonstrated, beyond a reasonable doubt, that customers will sign-up, purchase, and become frequent users of this new service – the DayJet 'Per-Seat, On-Demand' model works. It is unfortunate that these developments have come at the same time our nation has fallen into the most serious capital crisis of our lifetime. Regrettably, without access to growth capital, we have no choice but to discontinue operations." Iacobucci has stepped down as DayJet President and CEO but continues to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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