20070520 - Diehl Iris-T MEADSDiehl developes missiles for MEADS

IRIS-T wird in MEADS-System integriert<br /> On May 11, 2007, the contract for adaptation development of the IRIS-T SL surface-to-air missile as secondary missile for the MEADS tactical air defence system of the German Bundeswehr was signed by the Federal Office for Military Technology and Procurement (BWB) and Diehl BGT Defence in Koblenz.

The contract has a volume of 123 million Euro.
The German MEADS concept plans to complement the American PAC-3 missile with the German missile IRIS-T SL. While the PAC-3 missile has been designed especially for defence against tactical ballistic rockets, the IRIS-T SL missile, which is much more favourably priced, can be employed against manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters and low-flying cruise missiles as well as guided weapons (tactical air-to-surface missiles, guided bombs). This weapons mix considerably relieves the burden on the defence budget as compared to equipping exclusively with PAC-3 missiles.
IRIS-T SL is based on the same concept as the IRIS-T air-to-air missile, a European cooperation programme currently in series production and successfully employed in seven European nations as primary armament of the Eurofighter and other combat aircraft. The further development of the missile consists in a rocket-motor upgrade, equipment with a data link as well as a GPS navigation system. The decision in favour of IRIS-T SL helps retain missile system competence in Germany and offers export opportunities in international markets. IRIS-T SL increases Germany's added value in the MEADS portions financed by national budget funds.

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