DORIC Lease Corp signs agreement for 20 A380s

Doric Lease Corp has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the purchase of 20 A380s at the 50th Le Bourget Airshow.

With this investment, Doric will offer a tailored A380 leasing solution and will make the aircraft even more accessible to both new and existing A380 operators around the world who prefer to opt for the flexibility of an operating lease.

Doric already has significant experience with the A380, ranking as the third largest wide-body lessor worldwide by value, and the world’s largest asset manager of leased A380s. Doric has a six billion US$ aircraft portfolio under management, including 18 A380s acquired through sale-leaseback arrangements.

“The A380 offers us a unique opportunity to continue growing Doric’s aviation platform by establishing ourselves as a lessor with a forward-order portfolio of 20 A380s to market with existing and new customers worldwide,” said Mark Lapidus, CEO of Doric Lease Corp.

“We will be able to provide turn-key A380 ownership solutions to airlines, allowing them to benefit from operating this fantastic aircraft. The A380 offers airlines a great opportunity to provide a superior product and travel experience while strengthening revenue generation. We are delighted to be part of the long term success of the A380.”

Since first entering service in 2007, the A380 has joined the fleets of nine carriers. The total A380 fleet has accumulated over 920,000 flight hours in close to 110,000 commercial flights.

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