2008-11-24 - Manching center openingEADS Defence & Security Military Air Systems Centre Manching opened

Manching: Neues Militärisches Luftfahrtzentrum der EADS eingeweiht<br /> EADS Defence Security's Military Air Systems Centre in Manching, near Ingolstadt, officially entered operation on Monday, with the unveiling of a commemorative stone.

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Das Militärische Luftfahrtzentrum der EADS in Manching wurde im November 2008 offiziell eingeweiht (Foto: EADS).  


The ceremony marked the conclusion of several years of planning and construction, and was attended by guests of honour Dr. Franz Josef Jung, Federal Minister of Defence, Bavarian Minister of Social Affairs Christine Haderthauer and her cabinet colleague Martin Zeil (Economics), together with high-ranking officers and officials from the Ministry of Defence and its subordinate offices.
"With more than 5,000 employees at the Manching Military Air Systems Centre now, Military Air Systems is able to cover the entire process chain for both manned and unmanned airborne systems  from development and production through to support and modernisation during the in-service phase with the customer  all at one location", emphasised DS CEO Zoller. "This degree of concentration and the unique cooperation between industry and client not only represents a considerable locational advantage in the face of international competition, it is also precisely what is needed now in times of acute global financial crises and tight defence budgets", continued Zoller. Bernhard Gerwert, CEO of Military Air Systems (MAS) and therefore the man in charge at the Military Air Systems Centre in Manching, underlined the importance of the concentration of competencies and resources established at this location: "Today marks the day when we have set the course for the future prospects of our Business Unit. We have now created the conditions for solid and lasting strengthening of the economic capabilities of both DS and EADS as a whole." As Gerwert explained further, "It is above all the close cooperation we see in Manching with the German Air Force and the Bundeswehr Technical Centre 61 that offers significant added value for both sides. The aim is to provide appropriate products and services for the defence efforts of the Federal Republic of Germany and its allies on schedule and within budget."

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