2007-12-23 - Agile UAV contractEADS reveals Agile UAV research contract

Neuer UAV-Versuchtsträger soll gebaut werden<br /> EADS Defence & Security (DS) has finally admitted that in October it was awarded by the German Ministry of Defence (MoD) the prime contractor role for the research and technology programme "Agile UAV within Network-Centric Environments" (Agile UAV-NCE).

This programme of Military Air Systems, an integrated Business Unit of DS, is aiming at the analysis and refinement of enabling technologies and operational concepts of unmanned agile reconnaissance operations of an unmanned air vehicle (UAV).
As the Finnish Defence Forces see similar technological and operational requirements, they are contributing to the Agile UAV-NCE programme via their established national 'Finnish Unmanned Vehicle Systems (FinUVS)' project and its recently launched follow-up "UAV Data Link" technology programmes. The cooperation is based on a Government-to-Government agreement between the Finnish and the German side. The German MoD also welcomes other European nations, such as Switzerland, to participate in the Agile UAV-NCE programme.
EADS Defence & Security is responsible for the complete system design and will contribute to the programme with the technology demonstrator Barracuda. This vehicle is seen as a decisive development asset towards the next generation of interoperable modular Advanced UAV systems. The Finnish industrial participants are Patria as national prime contractor and Insta as co-contractor, both funded by the Finnish Defence Forces. The contribution of the nordic partners centres around secure networking data links. The Swiss partner is going to be RUAG Aerospace.

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