EASA sees modest improvement for global aviation safety in 2011

EASA today issued preliminary aviation safety data for 2011 which shows a modest improvement in worldwide safety levels. In commercial air transport operations, the number of fatal accidents decreased from 46 in 2010 to 45 in 2011.

Safety performance continues to show important regional differences: the region of non-EASA Member States in Europe shows the highest number of fatalities with a total of 138. This is followed by the African region with 87 fatalities.

In Europe, EASA Member States continue to have a strong safety record. Following the absence of any fatal accident in 2010, there was a single fatal accident involving an EASA Member State operated aircraft in 2011. The accident of the Fairchild Metro III aircraft in Cork, Ireland resulted in 6 fatalities.

There is still a lot of work that needs to continue on the major accident factors. The second edition of the European Aviation Safety Plan, covering the four-year period between 2012 and 2015, shows the way forward. The Plan connects the safety issues identified with actions and initiatives launched to address the underlying risks.

The figures mentioned above concern commercial air transport operations by aeroplanes with maximum take-off mass above 2,250kg.  In the coming months, EASA will publish its Annual Safety Review 2011 which will contain detailed safety statistics on all aspects of civil aviation safety.

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