ESG presents SeLa and Transall cockpit upgrade at ILA

ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH, the aviation engineering company for the planning, development, integration and logistic support of customised avionics, mission and IT systems will be presenting their varied range of business activities at the ILA Berlin Air Show.


Die Transall ist das Arbeitspferd der Lufttransportverbände (Foto: Luftwaffe).  


Among the programmes featured are SeLa, a Sensor-based landing aid for the CH-53GS. SeLa's dust-penetrating radar sensors can precisely determine the altitude of the aircraft. To do so, SeLa records the exact height above ground level, sink rate, horizontal speed and acceleration (reading and direction), distance and direction to the planned landing zone, roll and pitch angles, heading and GPS coordinates. These readings are displayed on the pilot's helmet mounted display and on the multifunction display using appropriate symbols.

The C-160 TRANSALL product improvement enhances protection of the crew and aircraft from threats during missions, especially from optically aimed weapons. This is achieved by improving the night vision flight capabilities of 24 aircraft equipped with electronic self-defence systems. To ensure that the crew members wearing night vision goggles have a glare-free view outside the aircraft, almost the entire interior and exterior light system of the TRANSALL must be modified. Following the modification, the aircraft can be used in night vision imaging system (NVIS) mode as well as infrared mode.

New developments and technologies for the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), demonstrated based on the Unmanned Mission Avionics Test Helicopter (UMAT), will also be shown. These include a cassette solution for simpler integration and testing of test equipment, Sense & Avoid Assistance Function (SAAFu) and Integrated Modular Architectures for Avionic Systems.

FLUG REVUE 06/2018


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