2008-01-27 - Eurocopter record salesEurocopter sales and delivery records

Rekordumsatz für Eurocopter<br /> In 2007, Eurocopter once again secured its position as the world's No. 1 manufacturer of civil and parapublic turbine-powered helicopters with a total of 488 deliveries for new military and civil helicopters.

The company thereby reinforced its position as a major branded business division within EADS, counting for a consolidated turnover exceeding 4 billion Euros. Order bookings, showing a high demand for new helicopter models and services, counted up to 802 new aircraft equalling 6.58 billion Euros. The company's order backlog by the end of December 2007 was at a new record high, exceeding 13 billion Euros. 56 percent of the company's turnover achieved in 2007 was related to serial helicopters (equalling 2.34 billion Euros), 33 percent (1.39 billion Euros) derived out of customer services, whereas 11 percent (0.44 billion Euros) were realized by means of development and other activities. While 51 percent of the turnover derived from civil and parapublic sales, 49 percent was related to Eurocopter's military products. The export share is 68 percent, proving Eurocopter's successful strategy of expanding its activities to emerging markets.
In line with the 2020 agenda of its parent company, EADS, and facing a highly volatile market, Eurocopter has identified the challenges ahead for 2008 and beyond and established a roadmap focusing on the following targets: Continue to efficiently manage the ramp up by further optimising the industrial processes; achieve key economic targets as set by EADS; cope with long-term low dollar value; successfully deliver the NH90 and ensure its qualifications and smooth entry into service; manage international programs such as the LUH, KHP and EC175; deliver outstanding mission capabilities, maintain leadership in innovation and continuous fleet upgrade; focus on technical challenges such as operational economics, ergonomics, fleet safety and general cost reduction and environmental compatibility; continue internationalization and enhance Eurocopter's key player role in emerging markets by involving local industry; further develop services portfolio; maintain a balance between civil/military and platform/services business. By adhering to this roadmap, Eurocopter is confident to remain leader in the civil and parapublic market in 2008. 

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