Eurocopter’s Mercedes-Benz Style EC145 gets first US order

American Eurocopter today announced Speedway Aviation in New Hampshire has placed the first U.S. based order for the new EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style helicopter.

The aircraft is the result of a collaborative effort between Eurocopter and Mercedes Benz, the automotive group that sets global standards for luxury and style. This will be the third special edition EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style to be produced since its introduction in late 2010.

JBI Helicopters of New Hampshire will be managing the newest EC145 Mercedes Benz-Style helicopter for Speedway Aviation once it is delivered to its New England based owners in 2013.

 “We are confident that our clients here in the U.S. will be impressed when they see this special edition EC145 and expect there will be an increasing demand for the aircraft, particularly since the package will also be available on the next generation EC145T2. Once that aircraft enters full production, we are sure to see the relationship with Mercedes-Benz continue for years to come,” says American Eurocopter’s Vice President of Commercial Sales and Marketing, Treg Manning.

Created by the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Division based in Como, Italy, the package is the most comprehensive available, featuring exquisite leather and wood appointments, an advanced in-flight entertainment system, ambient lighting, modular storage cabinets that can be easily reconfigured, and the choice of up to eight-place seating.

The design team has also modified the external look of the EC145 to give it a distinguished appearance including a redesign of the front end, special shrouding for the skid gear, and a custom paint scheme.

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