20070520 - Eurofighter NorwegenEurofighter signs new agreement with Norway

Zusammenarbeit mit Norwegen wird verstärkt<br /> Eurofighter consolidated the close ties to Norway by signature of a further agreement on technological cooperation between the Eurofighter consortium of Alenia Aeronautica (Italy), BAE Systems (United Kingdom), EADS CASA (Spain), EADS Germany and Norway.

Eurofighter CEO Aloysius Rauen signed the Letter of Agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Defence (NMOD) in the presence of the German Ambassador to Norway Roland Mauch, who represented the four Eurofighter Nations, and the Norwegian Defence Minister, Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen.
This Letter of Agreement with the NMOD sets out the principles to be applied to industrial contracts and includes the funding commitment from the NMOD to cover the development contracts between Norwegian and Eurofighter Partner Companies. Aloysius Rauen commented at the signing ceremony, "This new Agreement is a further important element in meeting the demands of  Norway's competition for a new combat aircraft. It will allow the Eurofighter Partnership to continue to develop and demonstrate its ability to deliver high technology in partnership with Norwegian industry. This new agreement will also provide vital continuity to Norwegian industry in preparation for the potential NOK 40 Billion which would accrue as part of the industrial package associated with a Norwegian choice of Eurofighter as it's F-16 replacement. This industrial work would form a substantial part of the Eurofighter package for Norway, combining Eurofighter Typhoon's unmatched operational capability with a comprehensive training and through life support package to provide an unbeatable solution to meet Norway's long-term strategic military and industrial requirements." 

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