European aerospace industry keen to turn Europe’s 2050 Vision for Aviation into reality

Domingo Ureña-Raso, President of ASD, the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe and Head of Airbus Military, has hailed ‘Flightpath 2050, Europe’s Vision for Aviation’ as a truly remarkable document, which sets very ambitious goals for Europe’s aviation sector.

Speaking at the AeroDays in Madrid, Mr Ureña-Raso declared: “Needless to say, we as an industry are keen to turn Vision 2050 into a reality. But how do we go about it? For me, the answer is very simple: what’s needed is substantial and sustained investment in technology. And with that in mind, the next EU programme for research – the so-called Common Strategic Framework - will be a vital element in this effort.”
Mr Ureña-Raso encouraged European policymakers to:
# Support the aeronautics thematic within the future Common Strategic Framework for Research and Innovation, with the creation of a dedicated funded aeronautics programme enabling Europe to meet its long-term objectives.
# Ensure the stability of instruments recently deployed in the 7th Framework Programme and which have proven their value (such as upstream pioneering research, technological integration projects, as well as Public Private Partnerships and Joint Technology Initiatives such as Clean Sky). At the same time the efficiency of these instruments should be enhanced through a simplification of their implementation processes.
# And, last but not least, support the deployment of SESAR, the future European air traffic management system.

Domingo Ureña-Raso concluded: “Aerospace has been, over the last 40 years, a great success story for our continent. But today we stand at a crossroads. Europe must choose between making the necessary efforts in R&D to maintain the leadership of its aerospace sector, or to stand still, taking success for granted, and being exposed to rising competition from emerging aerospace powers. Only with the support of public authorities shall we be able to continue delivering on key European priorities such as technological innovation and environmental sustainability. Only with that kind of support shall we be able to continue writing what has been a fantastic success story for our continent.”

FLUG REVUE 04/2018


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