European Aerospace Industry welcomes Bruges Declaration

ASD, the association representing the European aerospace manufacturing industry, broadly welcomed the contents of the Bruges Declaration, which was adopted as a conclusion to the European Aviation Summit.

François Gayet, Secretary-General of ASD, declared: “The Bruges Declaration clearly identifies the important challenges faced by the European aviation industry, in particular growing international competition and the sector’s contribution to climate change. It also puts forward relevant solutions to address these challenges. We particularly welcome the commitment, contained in the Declaration, to set up innovative mechanisms to fund the deployment of SESAR, the Single European Sky ATM Research programme. SESAR will improve aviation safety levels by a factor of 10, and will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 10% per flight. Our industry is determined to contribute to the success of this crucial programme, and we are currently working on sustainable, balanced solutions to fund its deployment.”

Mr Gayet also said: “The Bruges Declaration rightly stresses the need to invest in aerospace research and technology, in order to develop the solutions which will reduce aviation’s environmental impact. Our industry already makes a significant contribution in this area, and we are ready to step up our efforts. But we also need to work hand-in-hand with Europe’s institutions and governments. In particular, it is crucial that the EU’s 8th Framework programme for Research and Development maintains a high level of support for R&T in aerospace, to give our industry the means to develop breakthrough technologies for tomorrow’s sustainable air transport.”

As a follow-up to the Bruges Summit, ASD will organise a series of events (so-called ‘AeroWeek’) supported by the Belgian EU Presidency. These events, which will take place from November 30 until December 3, will consist of a series of roundtables held at the European Parliament, under the sponsorship of the Sky and Space Intergroup, and of a conference organised in cooperation with the Council of European Aerospace Societies.

FLUG REVUE 07/2018


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