European and Russian industry pledge greater cooperation

The Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and the Union of the Aviation Industry of Russia (UAI) have today agreed to reinforce their cooperation in areas ranging from airworthiness requirements and aircraft certification to research activities.

Pier Francesco Guarguaglini and Alexey Fyodorov, respectively presidents of ASD and UAI, have signed, today in Rome, a Memorandum of Understanding whereby the two associations commit to developing joint activities and to supporting each other on a wide array of aerospace-related issues. Mr Guarguaglini, who is also the Chairman and CEO of Finmeccanica, declared: “While a fair amount of competition exists between Europe’s and Russia’s aerospace industries, our companies have also proved able to develop fruitful partnerships. It was important for ASD and UAI to go down the same path, and to commit to further cooperation on issues of common interest. I am confident that the signature of this Memorandum of Understanding will pave the way for a significant number of common initiatives, and will be greatly beneficial to our two industries.”

Mr Fyodorov, President of UAI and CEO of the United Aircraft Corporation, declared: “Our interconnection has a long-standing tradition. Moreover, under the current economic conditions it acquires special importance since the further successful development of both Russian and European aviation industries requires broad international cooperation. I do believe that the signing of our Memorandum of Understanding will serve well the mutually beneficial business partnership established between a wide range of Russian and European aircraft manufacturing companies.”

The Memorandum of Understanding signed today by ASD and UAI notably stipulates that the two organisations will: Promote the harmonization of the Russian airworthiness regulatory framework, taking into account standards and requirements of the EU legislation; Promote the development of programmes related to aviation standards, airworthiness requirements, cooperation with suppliers and aviation authorities; Promote the exchange of information about standards and practices, including in the areas of defence and security; Promote common research activities and monitoring of the international aviation market, its state and development trends; Promote common forums, scientific symposiums, conferences and workshops on the relevant problems of civil aviation.

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