Europrop TP400-D6 achieves EASA certification

Europrop International has received type certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for the TP400-D6 engine that powers the A400M military transport aircraft. It is the first large turboprop engine to have been certified by EASA and the first military engine to have been certified by EASA to civil standards from the outset.

Certification completes airworthiness approvals by EASA and is the result of an intensive series of safety, endurance and performance tests. Since the first engine run in late 2005 the TP400 has completed all major development testing, as well as achieving over 12,000 running hours, around 8,000 of which have come during the A400M flight test programme.

During development testing the engine demonstrated its ability to cope with bird strike, ice and water ingestion. Testing was undertaken at a variety of open air, indoor and altitude facilities at six locations across Europe – Ludwigsfelde in Germany, Istres and Saclay in France, Ajalvir and Moron in Spain and Liers in Belgium. In addition, engine integration and initial in-flight performance was also tested on an Airbus Military Flying Test Bed aircraft at Marshall Aerospace in the UK.

EPI Technical Director Martin Maltby said: "Certifying the TP400 has presented a series of unique challenges due to the high power of the engine and the leading-edge technology that is incorporated within its design; technology which has enabled it to meet all its performance and weight goals."

FLUG REVUE 06/2018


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