2008-03-30 - Final Tranche 1 EurofighterFinal Tranche 1 Eurofighter Typhoon delivered to core nations

Letzter Eurofighter der Tranche 1 ausgeliefert<br /> With the handover of GT015, a German Twin-Seater aircraft, the final aircraft out of Tranche 1 destined for the four partner Air Forces of Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom in the core programme has been delivered on March 20, 2008.

Aloysius Rauen, Chief Executive Officer Eurofighter GmbH, comments: "This delivery represents a major milestone in the core programme. With 144 series production delivered (including five to Austria), the Air Forces are rapidly accumulating flying hours and gathering experience with the system. The nations already operate Eurofighter Typhoon in the air defence role. The Royal Air Force is preparing for the first multi-role task of Eurofighter Typhoon, deploying the system over long distances and training the air and ground crews for combat. And Austria, the first export customer, is planning to start operational air surveillance tasks with the upcoming European Soccer Championship. This is outstanding proof for the maturity of the system."
First deliveries to the four Air Forces had begun in Summer 2003. Eurofighter Typhoon officially entered into service with the Air Forces in Spring 2004. Italy was the first nation to operate Eurofighter Typhoon in the air defence role, beginning in 2005. Today, ten units at six air bases fly the aircraft, and the fleet has surpassed the 34,000 flying hour mark in March 2008.

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