2007-06-24 - HTH agreementGermany and France cooperate on large helicopter

Neuer schwerer Transporthubschrauber bis 2020?<br /> The French and German Armament Directorates have signed a declaration of interest during the Air Show that lays out the objectives to [jointly] consider the acquisition of a future transport helicopter capability in the 2020 time frame.

The diversification in tactical mobility missions, as well as lessons learned from recent operations, confirmed the need to provide armed forces with efficient and highly capable transport helicopters for personnel, light armoured vehicles and cargo. Based on its flexibility, this capability will also address personnel evacuation or emergency logistics transport, within a wide range of operational, geographical and meteorological conditions. Both Nations are commonly working to harmonise their requirements for operational and tactical airlift and air manoeuvrability in order to fill the gap beyond the capabilities provided by the NH90 systems then already in service in France and Germany (next to their CH-53 assets) on one side and the A400M on the other side. After having coordinated their national preliminary analysis studies, both Nations have decided to further extend their activities and to prepare jointly the framework conditions for a potential common project. Based on their system requirements and planning guidelines, France and Germany intend to open their potential common project to other European partner nations, in the framework of the European Defence Agency (EDA). Both Nations are also open to consider other non-EDA partner nations for participation.  

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