2008-05-04 - Gripen offers to India, NorGripen delivers proposals to Norway and India

Angebote an Norwegen und Indien abgegeben<br /> On behalf of the Swedish Government, FMV (Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) handed over Sweden's proposal regarding Norway's Future Combat Aircraft.

The 48 Gripen fighters that Sweden has offered to Norway meets all the requirements that Norway has specified in the request documentation for the Royal Norwegian Air Force Future Combat Aircraft. The Gripen fighter for Norway is a true swing-role next generation combat fighter to meet Norway's needs for the defence of its national territory, including surveillance of the high North, and participation in international, multi-national forces. Gripen is fully NATO interoperable, can carry a wide range of internationally sourced weapons, includes increased combat range and endurance, additional weapons carriage capability and increased payload, a more powerful engine and super cruise capability. The proposal also includes a joint logistic solution and other areas of multinational cooperation that will reduce the operational cost for both countries.
Besides the operational requirements the Swedish offer meets the Norwegian  requirements regarding life cycle costs, and the Swedish offer includes very low acquisition, operation and support costs compared to alternative platforms.
Saab has also offered the Indian Air Force the next generation Gripen, which includes increased combat range and endurance, a more powerful engine and super cruise capability, additional weapons carriage capability and increased payload. The Saab offer is supported by a long term programme of industrial co-operation and offset and of technology transfer. Saab's international industrial network will provide substantial and long-term joint venture growth for the Indian aerospace and defence sector. Saab President and CEO Åke Svensson stated "The compliant proposal submitted today, demonstrates our commitment to winning the Indian government's MMRCA tender" he said. "I am confident that Saab has submitted the complete solution to India's requirements. We are offering cutting edge, next generation combat aircraft and excessive industrial co-operation, including unrivalled access to key technologies, enabling autonomy and increased national security for India."

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