Groundbreaking ceremony for Frankfurt Airport’s Runway Northwest

"Following more than ten years of intensive planning and extended approval procedures, we can today commence construction of Frankfurt Airport's (FRA) new Runway Northwest," explained Fraport AG executive board chairman Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Bender at the ground-breaking ceremony for FRA's new landing runway.

"This runway will secure the future viability and competitiveness of Germany's biggest aviation hub and will also secure the economic prosperity of the entire Frankfurt/Rhine-Mainregion.", Bender added  Together with Hesse prime minister Roland Koch, the Hesse minister of finance and chairman of Fraport's supervisory board Karlheinz Weimar, the Hesse minister of economic affairs Dieter Posch, Frankfurt's lord mayor Petra Roth, and Fraport's executive board member responsible for airport expansion Dr. Stefan Schulte, Prof. Bender gave the  starting signal for constructing FRA's Runway Northwest.

Bender emphasized that Runway Northwest will be inaugurated for the 2011 winter timetable:  "We are well within schedule and already have successfully completed the necessary preparatory work."  Beginning in  2011, the number of coordinated aircraft movements will be incrementally raised from more than 80 now to 126 per hour during the daytime.  "Over the long-term, this capacity gain will allow us to maintain our global competitive position among the world's major hub airports," stressed Fraport's CEO.

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FLUG REVUE 11/2017


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