ICAO accident statisticsICAO sees airline accident toll decline in 2008

Weniger Tote bei Flugzeugabstürzen<br /> The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) today released preliminary safety and security statistics for airlines of its 190 Member States for 2008. The total number of passenger fatalities was 439. In 2007, there were 587 passenger fatalities from 11 accidents.

The accident rate for scheduled air services – measured in passenger fatalities per 100 million passenger-kilometres performed (PKPs) – decreased marginally, from approximately 0.01391 in 2007 to about 0.01370 in 2008. This was almost identical to the 2007 rate, despite a 25% reduction in the number of passenger fatalities, due to a slight increase in total PKPs of around 1.5%. From 1990-2008, there has been a significant decline in the accident rate, from around 19 accidents per 10 million departures in 1990 to around four in 2008.

For non-scheduled operations, there were 12 accidents involving passenger fatalities for aircraft with a maximum take-off mass of more than 2250 kg in 2008, compared with 14 in 2007. These accidents accounted for 80 passenger fatalities in 2008 compared with 86 in 2007. Comprehensive traffic figures for these operations are not available for the purpose of estimating accident rates.

Regarding security in 2008, 24 acts of unlawful interference were recorded in which a total of 11 persons were killed and 31 were injured. This compares to 22 acts in 2007, with 18 persons killed and 33 injured.

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