Jet Aviation Zurich receives EASA STCs for Beech B200 and B300 series aircraft

Jet Aviation Zurich recently received EASA Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for ADS-B-Out compliance and multiple STCs for MiniQuick Access Recorder installation on B200 and B300 series aircraft.

ADS-B-Out compliance delivers digital information such as the aircraft's exact position, sensors and system accuracy and traffic and resolution advice to airborne and landed Automatic Dependent Surveillance-B (ADS-B) receivers. This enhances situational awareness for Air Traffic Control of aircraft with ADS-B-In capabilities.

MiniQuick Access Recorder installation improves flight data monitoring and is required for aircraft above 20 tons. The technology is increasingly used by operators of small aircraft to enhance flight operation quality.

Jet Aviation has multiple STCs for the Cessna 525 series and now adds multiple STCs for MiniQuick Access Recorder installation on B200 and B300 series aircraft, with or without a previously installed Flight Data Recorder and/or a Flight Data Acquisition unit.

Jet Aviation Zurich recently used a third party STC to upgrade a Pro Line 21-equipped King Air B300 with Localizer Performance Vertical (LPV) guidance approach approval and WAAS/EGNOS-capable GPS receivers. The upgrade provides precise coordinates to help lower approach minima in bad weather conditions and is easy to integrate during a standard maintenance check.

The company has also requested EASA certification for Baro temperature correction/compensation for B200 and B300 series aircraft using Pro Line 21 equipment for lateral and vertical navigational (LNAV/VNAV) approaches, together with a Radius-to-Fix (RF) Legs authorization under EASA.

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