First Flight NewsKorea Aerospace Industries KT-100

The KT-100trainer, the first one of the models which are not only to be mass-produced but also be used as an introductory course for fight education of the Korean Air Force Academy's cadets who dream of ''The Red Muffler" made a successful maiden fight on 5 October 2015.

KT-100 Erstflug Oktober 2015

Der KT-100-Trainer von KAI für die südkoreanischen Luftstreitkräfte hob in Sacheon am 5. Oktober 2015 zum Erstflug ab (Foto: KAI).  


Korea Aerospace Industries, Ltd ("KAI'). the South Korean sole aircraft manufacturer, represented by Ha Sung-yong in Oct. 5 finished successfully first flight of its KT-l00 trainer, which was conducted for roughly one hour and twenty minutes at Sacheon Airport in South Gyeongsang Province.

KAI remodelled its small KC-100 jet which was developed as one of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's R&D tasks into a plane for the purpose of flight practice of the Republic of Korea's Air Force. The KC-100 variant trainer is equiipped with a video and voice recorder and an identification frend and foe apparatus which the military definitely requires with some devices, including the wheel fairing unnecessary for flight practice removed.

The maiden flight was conducted to check of whether or not the KT-1 00 remolded and developed for a flight practice trainer was manufactured to fit for its deslgn purposes as wall as to test the overall fight characteristics of the plane and the functions of the mounted equipment.

In December 2014. KAI had concluded a contract with the Korean Defense Acquisition Program Administration for making the KT-100 trainer and under the contract, the company is supposed to deliver the aircraft of the same model, simulators and any and all supporte equipment to the state-run procurement agency by the end of 2016.

Once replaced its trainers with the KT-100 ones, the ROK AirForce Academy will have its aircraft fleet unified with the locally made trainers, from flight practice to an introduction for tactics.

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