LH Technik contract with Camair-Co

The new Cameroon based Camair-Co airlines, which will start operation by 28 March 2011, and Lufthansa Technik have signed a contract regarding line maintenance and component services for Camair-Co's Boeing 737 NG and 767 aircraft.

Within the two-year line maintenance contract Lufthansa Technik intends to hire and instruct up to ten local employees who will take over the line maintenance services from Lufthansa Technik Maintenance International staff who initially will provide the maintenance work at Camair-Co’s homebase in Douala, Cameroon.

In the next ten years Camair-Co will be provided with Lufthansa Technik´s comprehensive Total Component Support TCS for its fleet of four aircraft. Under the Total Component Support TCS agreement Lufthansa Technik’s experts will take care of all aspects of supplying Camair-Co with components for the airline’s daily operations, from access to the pool of components, repair and overhaul of the units removed from the aircraft on to engineering and troubleshooting support.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) activities of components will take place at Lufthansa Technik’s component shops in Frankfurt and Hamburg in Germany.

A home base will be placed at Camair-Co’s Douala airport facilities. A worldwide pool access is also part of the agreement.

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