LTG 62 crews train with Ramstein´s C-130J squadron

In the spirit of partnership, members of the 37th Airlift Squadron hosted 11of their counterparts from the German Luftwaffe Oct. 25 through 29 at Ramstein.

The German airmen, along with two C-160D Transall aircraft assigned to the Lufttransportgeschwader 62, traveled from Flugplatz Wunstorf to spend a week training with the 37th AS members in an effort to learn about each other's procedures and capabilities.

"We took them out to our local drop zone to see the different aircraft fly together in a formation and drop the same type of equipment," said Capt. Matt Macfarlane, a 37th AS tactics officer . "We also took them to one of our local landing zones."

These joint training missions allowed the aircrews to compare and take notes on how well they could work together during potential real-world missions.

One major difference he observed, is the German aircraft drop their loads at a lower altitude than U.S. aircraft, which in a combined mission, would need to be taken into consideration. There were also some compatibility issues between the some of their systems.

"There are differences in how the C-130s (Hercules) and the C-160s are being operated," said German air force Maj. Stefan Schipke, the unit's squadron leader. "This training was very valuable and allowed us to better understand how different nations work with different types of aircraft."

FLUG REVUE 07/2018


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